Brad Biophotonic Universal Cleansing Gel 100ml

The Universal Cleansing Gel from Brad Biophotonic Skin Care polishes, detoxifies, and repairs damaged skin with a single dollop, once daily. Using a bio-fermented blend of amino acids and vitamins, this purifier from Brad Biophotonic Skin Care cleanses and unclogs your pores, ensuring skin cells are given grime-free space to flourish and heal. Breaking down Brad Skincare’s Universal Cleansing Gel, you will find a short list of helpful botanicals, formulated with active elements, such as Glycolic Acid. This component in this Brad Biophotonic Skin Care product exfoliates and cleanses, while Kojic Acid works in tandem, brightening your complexion for a healthier, happier outward appearance. MSM serves as an anti-inflammatory, ensuring each active element works as it should, while moisturizing skin cells to optimum plumpness. The bottle itself is sleek and luxurious in all black with bold white lettering – a true contrast to the skincare cabinet of a beauty connoisseur. Universal Cleansing Gel from Brad Biophotonic Skin Care is complemented to perfection by the Anti-Fatigue Mist and Sublime Youth Creator Radiance Concentrate. Suitable for all skin types.

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