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Ann Gerard Parfum Rose Cut Eau de Parfum 60 ml

Inspiring of feminine self-confidence, natural beauty, and luminous strength – the Ann Gerard Rose Cut Perfume is a blend of everything a woman can possibly be. There is an innate, feisty boldness in the overtones of rhum, pink pepper, and aldehydes, while subtler, softer scents take the base in smooth vanilla and oak wood. The

Ann Gerard Parfum Cuir de Nacre Extrait de Parfum 60 ml

Seemingly dappled with shimmering moonlight – the Cuir de Nacre Perfume by Ann Gerard is a magical, mystical, mysterious blend of soft sandalwood, white musks, and angelica root – a combination that captures and enhances your natural, beautiful allure. With a subtly powdery, metallic dusting, Cuir de Nacre perfume by Ann Gerard parfum brings out

Ann Gerard Parfum Ciel d’Opale Eau de Parfum 60 ml

Imagine this – you are nestled in the soft, green grasses of a beautiful meadow in the midst of springtime, surrounded by flowers, chirping birds, and swaying trees. The sunshine is warm on your face, and you smile in complete relaxation as a gentle breeze blows a whiff of beehive honey that tantalizes your senses

Ann Gerard Parfum Perle de Mousse Eau de Parfum 60 ml

Opening into an orchestra of pink pepper, green mandarine, and ivy overtones – the Ann Gerard Perle De Mousse Perfume is a hearty, sun-kissed overdose of your favorite, most tantalizing scent combinations. The base notes are beautifully collaborative and subtle with hints of vanilla and musk, while core aromas, such as lily of the valley