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Arty Fragrance La Fleur du Roy Scented Candle 180g

Arty Fragrance Candle La Fleur du Roy fragrance candle offers scents that King Louis XIV could have worn. The King was said to be seductive, sensual, and romantic while the La Fleur du Roy fragrant Candles by Arty Fragrance present an interpretation of sweet and passionate scents that symbolize his intermingling love and lust. This

Arty Fragrance Delice des Libertins Scented Candle 180g

Decadent and deliciously spiced, the Delice des Libertins luxury scented candle from Arty Fragrance is an aphrodisiac of old-world proportions. At the Court of Versailles, King Louis XV imbibed a similar combination of flavors and scents with the Marquise de Pompadour. Whereas their concoction was meant to entice through drinking, the Arty Fragrance Delice des Libertins

Arty Fragrance Les Precieuses Scented Candle 180g

Arty Fragrance Les Precieuses perfumed candles by Elisabeth de Feydeau is one of the exclusive range of scented candles that evoke French refinement at Versailles. Arty Fragrance Les Precieuses is one of the perfumed candles that were created based on ancient texts and handmade to perfection using premium ingredients in perfumery including a precious wax

Arty Fragrance Lux Scented Candle 180g

In Versailles, there are an array of abandoned architectural wonders, such as the numerous apartments of artists, creative thinkers, and dreamers. Their polished wooden floors creak under the weight of new feet, and their fireplaces are still scented with the wood smoke and cinder that permeated the old-world atmospheres. The Arty Fragrance Lux scented candle

Arty Fragrance Le Reve de la Reine Scented Candle 180g

Despite her shortcomings, Marie-Antoinette was a lover of freedom, independence, and the sweet scents of a flourishing countryside in the midst of an 18th century spring. She reveled in the bouquets of a thousand flowers, and she put in regular requests to a local perfumer for combinations of her favorite floral fragrances. In honor of

Arty Fragrance L’Enfant Roi Scented Candle 180g

In the antiquated history of old-world Europe, the Kings were selected as children, growing up in the palace to become accommodated to their new responsibilities and powers. Because of their youth, these Kings would often incite new traditions, such as the one set forth by King Louis XIV when he decreed that all children should

Arty Fragrance Barocko Scented Candle 180g

Arty Fragrance Barocko fragrant candles are inspired by Versailles during the golden age of artistry in France, when modern masterpieces were in the form of music and painting. The concept behind Arty Fragrance Barocko fragrant candles evokes the baroque spirit combined with the elegance and finesse of the French way of life to come up

Arty Fragrance L’Elegante Scented Candle 180g

The L’a‰legante fragranced candles from Arty Fragrance was inspired by an intriguing, captivating ritual that beautiful royals would perform around the 18th century. Queens, princesses, and even simple upper-class women of high-society refinement would apply their makeup and make themselves beautiful in boudoir mirrors as their chambermaids, friends, and suitors looked on.  Upon turning around,

Arty Fragrance L’Aristocrate Scented Candle 180g

Named for the most refined gentlemen in 1644 – the L’Aristocrate Candle from Arty Fragrance combines old-world luxury, classic beauty, and refinement with contemporary delights in a fragrant candle. In yesteryear, an aristocrat would grace the kingdom court with his presence after adorning himself in fine leathers and silks, removing his body hair, and smoothing

Arty Fragrance Potager Royal Scented Candle 180g

There is nothing quite as renewing and invigorating as the freshness of springtime – so sayeth King Louis XIV. He loved the vegetation that flourished around the castle, especially in a patch of vegetables at the forefront of his castle. The King was always the first to delicately sample and savor the first of the

Arty Fragrance Mousseline et Chou d’Amour Scented Candles Gift Set 3x75g

Despite numerous stories that cite her shortcomings, Marie-Antoinette was a gifted mother, and she loved her children with every breath in her body. She would often gift them with nicknames – the most popular being Madame Royale and the Future King Louis XVII. In tribute to Marie-Antoinette and her kind, caring intentions as a devoted

Arty Fragrance La Sans Pareille Scented Candle 180g

Under the authorities of King Louis XV – the Court of Versailles was often graced with a personal, handcrafted water that was used for beauty purposes. It was often splashed in delicate dewdrops across the King with the belief that the combination of decadent, refined scents would ward off the evil ailments and illnesses. While

Arty Fragrance Noel Baroque Scented Candle 180g

The Arty Fragrance Noel Baroque Candle remembers a classic, tried-and-true tradition that began in 1738, at the orders of Queen Marie Lazinska (wife of King Louis XV). She was the first to decorate and beautifully illuminate a Christmas tree, beginning a tradition that has lasted well into modern days. Afterwards, throughout France, there were an