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D.L. & Co Le Petite Pomme D’Or Scented Candle 20g

Your home surroundings are flourishing with autumnal colors, and the trees are alive with late-blooming apples in various shapes and sizes. The scents wafting from those trees are absolutely divine, and you find yourself salivating for a savory taste of the sweet fruit. Those apples are your desire incarnate. So beautiful. So ripe. So fragrant,

D.L. & Co Maison D’Or Scented Candles Gift Set 4x85g

Your home is your space of peace and calm – your sanctuary. Brimming with what you deem perfection, your living quarters are ideal for you – only something is missing. Could it be the sweet scents of beautiful, handcrafted candles? Could it be the enameled brass of colorful votives that are devoted to accentuating your

D.L. & Co Maison D’Argent Scented Candles Gift Set 4x85g

When it comes to the decor of your home – you wish for more, but know that perfection is a process. Every so often, you bring new accents into your home, displaying them beautifully –  but each accent has a dual purpose, such as the Maison D’Argent Votive Gift Set from DL&Co candles. At first

D.L. & Co Soleil Black Gold Scented Candles Gift Set 4x80g

One of a plethora from an abundant, beautiful, handcrafted collection – the DL Soleil Black Gold Set of 4 Ceramic Votives from DL&Co. would make the perfect housewarming gift for your most beloved loved ones. Or perhaps yourself. Wink! These candles are beautifully nestled within hand-made, all-ceramic votives that have been painted black with golden

D.L. & Co Soleil White Gold Scented Candles Gift Set 4x85g

Your household is bustling with guests. No special occasion – just a few close friends getting together to celebrate the bonds of friendship. Ah – perfection! Your beloveds comment on how beautiful your home is, and you are simply bursting with pride – when someone offers you a just-because gift. What could it be? D.L.&Co 

D.L. & Co Mini Apples Scented Candles Gift Set 4x20g

You recently moved into a new home with your loved ones, and this house is already your sanctuary. Artwork and books are abundant in every aspect of your life, and you crave the sweet scents that come with being comfortable, warm, and inviting in your own home. Those fragrances are definitely missing, but simple candles