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ILA Spa Little Body Treats: Body Scrub, Oil, Balm and Bath Salt

ILA Little Body Treats features a selection of luxurious deluxe-sized products from the ILA Spa range. 100% natural, these products nourish and moisturise the skin, stimulate circulation and uplift the senses! An ideal introduction to the natural and ethical goodness of Ila Spa. Fall in love with the gorgeous scent of wild-crafted juniper berry and rose

ILA Spa Little Face Treats: Face Oil, Cleansing Milk, Toner, Cream, Mask

ILA Little Face Treats is a perfect introduction to ILA Spa face range. Rich in the purest rose damascene otto and argan oil, all featured products work together to fight wrinkles and fine lines, help cells regenerate, and leave facial skin glowing with radiance. ILA Little Face Treats includes: ILA Spa Face Oil for Glowing Radiance

ILA Spa Festive Blessing Body Cracker

The starry night deep blue ILA SPA Blessing Body Cracker sets the intention of “˜Love and Be Loved’ with the enclosed blessing card, contains beautiful body products and is ideal for those seeking a soul soothing boost. ILA SPA Festive Blessing Body Cracker contains:   ILA SPA Body Lotion for Nurturing Skin 50ml ILA SPA

ILA Spa Festive Blessing Face Cracker

For those run down by the chill of winter winds, ILA SPA’s bright white Blessing Face Crackers will allow them to face the world anew with rejuvenated skin cells and protection. Including four essential skin treats these are products that work around the clock for complete care and nourishment. ILA SPA Festive Blessing Face Crackers contains:

ILA Spa Face Mask for Renewed Recovery 50g

Face Mask for Renewed Recovery by Ila Spa balances and brightens sensitive, oily or unbalanced complexions. Rich in bio-active nutrients from the mouth of the Amazon River, this mild yet nourishing white clay mask is ideal for fatigued, city living complexions. Key Ingredients: Marajo River White Clay – Imbued with a potent blend of ancient nutrients

ILA Spa Body Cream for Vital Energy 200g

ILA Body Cream for Vital Energy is a light cream version of bestselling ILA’s Body Oil for Vital Energy.   Formulated with argan oil, shea butter and vibrant essential oils, the non-greasy ILA Body Cream moisturises and nourishes your skin with powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing benefits.  High in fatty acids and plant sterols (oleic, stearic, palmitic and

ILA Spa Body Oil For Inner Peace 100ml

Packed with essential oils renowned for their dual nurturing and nourishing properties, Ila Spa Body Oil for Inner Peace balances dry, oily and irritated skin, while enhancing emotional well-being. Sandalwood calms inflamed cells and stimulates wellness hormones; jasmine sedates stressed-out skin and struggling spirits; ylang ylang regulates sebum secretion and reduces nervous anxiety. Combined in

ILA Spa Day Cream for Renewed Recovery 100ml

Ila Spa Day Cream for Renewed Recovery deeply hydrates and replenish throughout the day. This light, easily absorbed blend of Amazonian extracts is perfect for all skin types, especially for imbalances, mature skin and those in need of deeper repair. Key Ingredients: Acmella –  inhibits subcutaneous muscle contractions Pfaffia – Stimulates collagen production, increases micro circulation Marapuama

ILA Spa Eye Serum for Renewed Recovery 15ml

ILA Rainforest Renew Eye Serum features a unique blend of Amazonian ingredients. This natural eye serum stimulates blood flow to the delicate eye area, encouraging firmness and reducing puffiness and dark pigmentation.  Rich in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, this intensely regenerating eye serum helps to support cellular regeneration of the delicate eye area.  The powerful

ILA Spa Night Cream for Renewed Recovery 50ml

Lightweight Ila Spa Night Cream for Renewed Recovery assists the naturally recuperative power of sleep to significantly and visibly enhance skin tone, texture, and nd moisture levels. The potent blend of Amazonian ingredients deeply hydrates and recovers skin from damage caused by external aggressors throughout the day. Ila Spa Night Cream for Renewed Recovery is ideal for all skin types,

ILA Spa Cleansing Milk For Natural Beauty 200ml

Ila Spa Cleansing Milk for Natural Beauty gently cleanses and hydrates the skin. This light cleanser provides the basis for further skin toning, detoxing and healing. This argan oil-based cleanser nourishes and softens the skin while removing make-up. Free from alcohol, Ila Spa Cleansing Milk does not dry out the skin. Thanks to Aloe Vera and Pomegranate seed oil, this

ILA Spa Hydrolat Toner for Hydrating the Skin 200ml

The purest of facial toners, ILA Hydrolat Toner refreshes and hydrates skin damaged by everyday pollutants. This organic hydrating toner, formulated with water distilled from deeply healing rose damascene petals, instantly provides subtle and effective hydration. Suitable for all skin types, ILA Hydrolat Toner  hydrates, soothes, calms and heals your skin. 100% pure and natural rose hydrolat will

ILA Spa Body Oil for Vital Energy 100ml

Lightweight and nourishing ILA Body Oil for Vital Energy will help you to combat daily stress and revitalise the body’s bio-energy field. An uplifting blend of wild-crafted juniper berry, rose geranium and rosehip seed oil will leave you feeling ready to take on the world. Formulated with argan, almond and rosehip seed oils (rich in

ILA Spa Body Scrub for Energising & Detoxifying, 250g

Ideal for when you’re feeling tired, run, down or sluggish, ILA Body Scrub detoxifies and stimulates the circulation, leaving mind, body and spirits refreshed and uplifted! Formulated with Argan and rosehip seed oil, ILA Body Scrub for Energising & Detoxifying moisturises and nourishes the deepest layers of the skin. Alpine lavender, geranium and lemongrass boost the immune system while Himalayan

ILA Spa Jasmine Flowers Candle for Inner Light and Joy

Revel in the purest of light and a pervading sense of bliss with this 100% natural ILA Jasmine Flowers Candle for Inner Light and Joy.  Made of jojoba oil, eco-soya wax, beeswax and essential oils, this gorgeous candle is infused with the essential oils of jasmine flowers. It will burn approximately 50 hours. 100% petroleum and

ILA Spa Orange Blossom Candle for Higher Energy

ILA Orange Blossom Candle will uplift your soul and spirit! The intoxicating orange blossom scent gives energy and balance as well as an exquisite aroma. Made of 100% natural ingredients including jojoba oil, eco-soya wax, beeswax and essential oils, ILA Orange Blossom Candle for Higher Energy has 50 hours burning time. 100% petroleum and chemical free. 

ILA Spa Tuberose and Rose Candle for Inner Peace

Fall in love with this gorgeous calming fragrance of ILA Tuberose and Rose Candle for Inner Peace. This divine candle, made from essential oils of Tuberose and Rose, will create an atmosphere of stillness and meditation. Made of 100% natural ingredients including jojoba oil, eco-soya wax, beeswax and essential oils, it has 50 hours of

ILA Spa Day Cream for Glowing Radiance, 50g

This light and luxurious ILA Day Cream for Glowing Radiance helps to regenerate and restore vitality to the skin. Imbued with fresh rose cells and oil from the deeply regenerative rosa damascene, this Glowing Day Cream penetrates into deeper levels bringing extraordinary hydration, softness, radiance and vitality with a subtle, lasting fragrance. Fresh rose damascene cells penetrate

ILA Spa Face Mask for Glowing Radiance 50g

Ila Spa Face Mask for Glowing Radiance restores hydration, radiance and lustre. Imbued with ional minerals to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, this mineral-rich green clay mask leaves the complexions nurtured, rejuvenated and glowing.  Key Ingredients: “ข Rose Stem Cells – Firming and smoothing to decrease the natural ageing process at a cellular

ILA Spa Night Cream for Glowing Radiance 50g

Ila Spa Night Cream for Glowing Radiance supports the skin’s natural rejuvenation process at its deepest level. This luxurious night cream works with the body’s natural cycle to restore, replenish and revitalise skin. Wake feeling hydrated, flawless and radiant.  Night Cream for Glowing Radiance is ideal for all skin types.   Key Ingredients: White Lily Stem