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Strange Beautiful Surgical Nail Polish 2x4ml

Last year, your usual office party wound up being one bad joke after another, and you felt frumpy the entire time. However, this year you intend to make a difference – a bigger impression – a larger impact. Adorning your new sparkling evening gown and matching heels, you strut with confidence to the occasion, reveling

Strange Beautiful Mineral Nail Polish 2x4ml

Mother Nature is gorgeous in all her splendor – a fact that numerous cosmetic artisans attempt to capture, but few come close. Fortunately, the Mineral Nail Polish from Strange Beautiful is captivating to perfection, capturing the loveliness of Earth and nature in double dose of cosmic brown tones. There is a subtle difference between the

Strange Beautiful Iceberg Nail Polish 2x4ml

Bundling up for cold weather is usually a task taken care of by scarves, mittens, parkas, and winter boots. We rarely think of what cold weather is like anywhere but our own backyards, which means we rarely have the opportunities to appreciate the freezing beauty that could reside in the rest of the world. The

Strange Beautiful Steely Nail Polish 2x4ml

As humans, there are some things we naturally take for granted in our everyday lives – things that are always there that we think will always be there, which is why we rarely pay attention to the details that make these things unique, extraordinary, and alluring. Lucky for us – the Strange Beautiful Steely Nail

Strange Beautiful Cold Nail Polish 2x4ml

What colors do you think of most when you think of the chilled weather of winter? Most people will reply with shades of blue and frosted teal, but the creators of Strange Beautiful Cold Nail Polish have a different, more unique view when it comes to the freezing temperatures of winter weather. The Cold Nail

Strange Beautiful Wilde Metalized Nail Polish 2x4ml

Close your eyes and imagine this – You are seated peacefully, nestled against your loved one in a field of wildflowers that are blooming, blossoming, bursting with vivacious life. Your beloved brushes a strand of hair from your face, leaning over to capture your lips with their own. In a gentle show of passion and

Strange Beautiful Crane Nail Polish 2x4ml

There are moments when you simply have to stop and admire the natural beauty of your appearance, such as those times when your fashion-fabulous endeavors have hit the mark. Adorning your fingernails (and toenails) with luxurious, gorgeous Crane Nail Polish from Strange Beautiful is an embellishing, beautifying way to ensure your look is always spot-on

Strange Beautiful Pilgrim Nail Polish 2x4ml

We have all seen the pictures of our ancestors from yesteryear. Those determined, ambitious pilgrims with their conservative apparel in neutral tones that seemed to tie them closer to the natural beauty of Mother Earth. These were the early-day hippies, if you will – and the Pilgrim Nail Polish from Strange Beautiful captures to perfection

Strange Beautiful Mouse Nail Polish 2x4ml

There is certainly one thing that can be said about the creative minds behind the Strange Beautiful Mouse Nail Polish, and that is that they are definitely, totally, unsurpassably imaginative. Their creations are designed to make you think outside of the box, encouraging you to take a look at your surroundings and see colors and

Strange Beautiful Anglican Nail Polish 2x4ml

What colorful shades do you think of when you conjure the words naughty, sensuous, or erotic? Perhaps you envision a vixen, decked out in black PVC with high heels that go all the way up. Or maybe you imagine a shy, meek beauty with untamed side waiting to bloom to the surface when evening arrives.

Strange Beautiful Calvary Nail Polish 2x4ml

Call in the Calvary! Nail Polish, that is. Intriguing and alluring, this collection addition from Strange Beautiful is gorgeous with overflowing sleekness, smoothness, and richness that you can see. The paints are poured to perfection within a dual-sided glass, and separated with a slab of thick glass that accentuates the complementing, contrasting shades of each

Strange Beautiful Riper Nail Polish 2x4ml

Close your eyes, nestle back, and imagine this – Springtime has arrived in full force, and you are standing in an orchard that seems to be blossoming with life. There are trees everywhere, blooming in vibrant, vivacious greens and browns – and as you get closer to these trees, you discover they are practically bursting

Strange Beautiful Right+Wrong Nail Polish 2x4ml

Some cultures viewed painting your fingernails as symbolic of sophisticated, refined status, as the polish would cause your nails to shimmer, gleam, and shine beautifully as you were waving to admirers. Royals would often adorn their fingernails (and toenails) with gemstones and jewels in gorgeous colors, representing their superior position and fashionable mindset. Really, it’s

Strange Beautiful Cover Nail Polish 2x4ml

Autumn is the favorite season of millions because it means the introduction of pumpkin spice everything, colorful leaves, and the sweet scent of crisp, cooler air. Ah – perfection! The imaginative minds behind the Strange Beautiful Cover Nail Polish agree that Fall is an awesome season to look forward to, but their reasons are focused