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UKA Nail Oil 7:15 5ml

Start the day with a pleasant soul stimulation and pampering your nail and hands with UKA Nail Oil.  UKA Nail Oil 7:15 is a sandalwood mixture known for its calming effect, the cypress Hinoki and Yuzu citrus costs for a Japanese sweet fragrance. An ideal soothing scent to relax and enhance productivity during the day.

UKA Nail Oil 13:00 5ml

  UKA Nail Oil 13:00 ideal if you are feeling asleep or down, stressed or drowsy for a refreshing and tonic! Refreshing scent of mint and lemon, associated to the force of pineapple, Litsea cubeba has generous scents and the spicy notes of marjoram, bring you a feeling of freshness and excitement. While moisturize soothing

UKA Nail Oil 18:30 5ml

Argan oil based UKA Nail Oil 18:30 is designed to boost your mood while taking care of your nails.  UKA Nail Oil 18:30 will leave them looking silky and radiant. After work, the perfect choice is UKA Nail Oil 18:30 p.m. that will relieves nervousness and leaves you feel strong and confident. . Consists of

UKA Nail Oil 24:45 5ml

UKA Nail Oil 24:45, return to your childhood sensations to sleep in a calm and reassuring atmosphere while moisturize and nourish the cuticles. Lavender, star of the world of relaxation, associated to the sweet scent of vanilla, facilitate sleep. Creamy scent of orange as it was, will disappear the stress of the day. A dense

UKA Nail Oil BASIC 5ml

This signature product is from the best Japanese nail and hand care brand out there.  The UKA Nail Oils are available in 5 different fragrance notes, adapted to each period of the day. UKA Nail Oils work on the spot to hydrate nails and cuticles, leaving them looking silky and radiant.  Concentrated yet fast-absorbing formula

UKA Butter Hand & Nail Cream 50ml

Organic UKA Butter Hand & Nail Cream makes the skin of your hands as plump and soft as a baby.  This moisturizer has a rich texture, similar to that of butter, while making your skin velvety smooth and giving the skin a feeling of warmth. It contains argan oil and vegetable oil, the richest in

UKA Salt Hand & Body Soap 300ml

UKA is bringing SPA to your home! This leading Japanese hand and foot care brand has been proven and endorsed by celebrities! The three-step UKA natural hand care regime has been formulated and designed to indulge and give basic essentials to love and care for your hands and nails. UKA Salt Hand & Body Soap

UKA Pepper Hand & Body Lotion 300ml

Proven by the celebrities, this Japanese revolutionizing UKA brand has been developed for busy women who deserve ultimate luxury treatments. UKA Pepper Hand & Body Lotion has a milky texture whose spicy smell of black pepper awakens the internal energies of the body, and keeps the skin hydrated. This moisturizing natural UKA Pepper Hand &