Culti Mountain Home Diffuser 250 ml

Your heart is beating with vigor deep within your chest, and you can feel the steady pounding to your very core and throughout your entire body. What a hike! You feel renewed, invigorated, and healthy, as you walk in even, assured steps to the top of a mountain, overlooking the beautiful scenery and taking deep breaths of chilled mountain air. This punchy, powerful combination of aromas at the top of that mountain are exactly what inspired the Mountain Home Fragrance scent diffuser from CULTI.  Woodsy and sharp, the CULTI Mountain Home Fragrance scent diffuser packs a wallop of dense, sometimes pungent scents, such as cedarwood, citron leaves, cardamom, and vetiver. There are also subtler, gentler undertones of lush, lustrous greenery, labdanum, and guaiacum. Next time your exploring heart, lungs, and mind crave the scents of open air at the height of a gorgeous view, the Mountain Home Fragrance scent diffuser from CULTI is only a deep breath away.  Olfactory family: Woody Olfactory notes: Citron leaves, cardamon, guaiacum, vetiver, cedar wood, labdanum Season: autumn/winter Location: living room, study

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