Culti The Viola Home Diffuser 500 ml

The Viola Home Fragrance scented diffusers are also referred to as “The Portrait of a Woman” because of their feminine and one-of-a-kind boldbess that greatly resmeble the heart and disposition of women. Viola scented diffusers from CULTI offers soft and mild mixture of delicate wildflowers and bold, black teas. These scented diffusers come with the fragrance that will take you into your own wonderland and be inspired to do the things that you deal wth best. Viola home fragrance scented diffusers blend fragile and feminine touches to come up with warm amber that comes with the sweetness of freshly bloomed violet petals and the intense layers of black tea. Multi-faceted and all season scented diffusers that offer perfection for spring, simmer, autumn, and winter. — you can never have enough of what CULTI The Viola home fragrances offer. Olfactory family: Spicy Olfactory notes: Violet leaves, black tea, amber Season: spring/summer/autumn/winter Location: living room, spas  

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