Ellis Faas Milky Lips ‘Nude Brown’ L206

Ellis Faas Milky Lips is a long-lasting fluid lipstick that provides rich colour and a glossy finish. Plumping provides your lips with hydration and smooths their texture. This lipstick is especially loved by women who dislike feeling the lipstick they are wearing! Built-in  innovative brush tipped applicator pen ensure that Milky Lips works well as a full coverage lipstick or a chic lip stained effect. Perfect for those who don’t like the drying sensation of traditional lipsticks; this luxurious lip colour provides superior comfort both in application and on the lips. A blend of plumping active ingredients smooth the lips for a flawless look whist a nourishing blend of Vitamin E, Candelilla Wax and Prune Seed Extract improves hydration levels. Shades Available: L201 Blood Red Milky Lips – A deep and intense red. L202 Dark Blood Milky Lips  – A dark red with burgundy undertones. L203 Plum Milky Lips – A medium red with purple undertones. L204 Burnt Orange Milky Lips – A shimmering terracotta hue. L205 Coral Pink Milky Lips – A light apricot hue with a subtle shimmer. L206 Nude Brown Milky Lips  – A classic toffee nude shade. L207 Nude Pink Milky Lips – A soft pink with nude undertones. L208 Soft Peach Milky Lips – A pastel nude for a chic look. L209 Toffee Beige Milky Lips – A rich toffee nude with a subtle shimmer. Lightweight Long-lasting Contains Vitamin E Paraben free No scent No animal testing  

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