Imaginary Authors The Soft Lawn Eau de Parfum 60 ml

In detailed fashion – the story that The Soft Lawn Fragrance by Imaginary Authors is based on paints a controversial picture of rebellious adventures, coming-of-age explorations, and high society uniqueness. Written in 1916, this tale is slightly autobiographical, telling of Claude LeCoq’s adolescence as an arrogant, upper-class college student. There are times when LeCoq lives up to the worst of snotty, haughty life, but his character finds himself becoming less arrogant and more in tuned with his less prestigious surroundings.  Imaginary Authors The Soft Lawn Fragrance is a leisurely, tantalizing combination of weekend scents, such as linden blossoms, vetiver, ivy leaves, and clay, used to interpret the originality within the story. NOTES: Linden Blossom, Laurel & Ivy leaves, Vetiver, Oakmoss, Fresh Tennis Balls & Clay Court

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