Olfactive Studio Chambre Noire Scented Candle 300 g

Seduction is open to interpretation – as are mysteriousness, charm, and intimacy, but the Chambre Noire Candle from Olfactive Studio strives to be evocative of each of those aforementioned thoughts and feelings. Designed to redefine, Olfactive Studio Chambre Noire scented candles are art-inspired by a dazzling, intriguing photograph of the same name – Chambre Noire. Captured from the balcony of a hotel room by photographer Clemence Rene-Bazin, the original photograph is a mash-up of black and white beauty, raising questions that spark the imagination and create a feeling of awe and wonder. The snapshot is taken through a sheen of reflective glass, and you can clearly see a hotel room reflected in the backdrop. Whereas, the landscape below is a bustling, romantic, alluring cityscape, alight with the life of thousands of passersby – each unaware of their added element to the final photograph. Created to be reflective of the feelings and thoughts that the photograph evokes, the Olfactive Studio Chambre Noire Candles combines the captivating overtones of jasmine and papyrus for a touch of mystery, as well as undertones of rough leather and vanilla for eroticism and appeal. Additionally, Olfactive Studio Chambre Noire scented candles burn for a combined 80 hours apiece.

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