Rouge Bunny Rouge Liquid Foundation ‘Coconut Milk Parfait’ 040 29ml

Here’s a beautifully lightweight foundation in a gel-like formula that goes on smoothly, spreads most evenly, can be layered for custom coverage and is truly long-lasting on your skin. Feeling fresh and luxurious, Rouge Bunny Rouge MILK AQUARELLE has such a soft, luminous finish that your skin looks instantly dewy and fresh. MILK AQUARELLE Liquid Foundation sets to a silky soft finish without being sticky in the slightest, making it your perfect companion for long days of work (or fun). It’s easy to obsess about MILK AQUARELLE effects: it blends beautifully with the skin tone, feels absolutely light, moves with the skin. This foundation is also a favourite with Rouge Bunny Rouge make-up artist friends: they choose MILK AQUARELLE for its delicate, second-skin like texture and good coverage. Free from sunscreen, MILK AQUARELLE Liquid Foundation is ideal for flash photography. Active ingredients include nourishing Shea Butter, skin-regenerating Panthenol, softening and conditioning Bamboo. Plant extracts like Egyptian Lotus and White Water Lily fight free radicals, protect and soften skin. With Detoxyl, a powerful anti-pollution, anti-oxidant active ingredient is added that protects the skin from environmental damage for a naturally healthy glow. Rouge Bunny Rouge ‘Coconut Milk Parfait’ is a milky pale pink beige shade for light skin. Shades available: Almond Milk Parfait: pale yellow-toned beige Coconut Milk Parfait: milky-pale pink beige Chestnut Milk Parfait: warm, pale ochre beige Hazelnut Milk Parfait: medium tawny beige Cashew Milk Parfait: medium, warm olive beige

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