Rouge Bunny Rouge Quartz Eyeliner ‘Tanzanite Essence’ 051 2.5ml

For those who love jewel-like sparkle but don’t want it to look too girly, Rouge Bunny Rouge Quartz Eyeliner DEVOTION INK Quartz Eyeliner offers the perfect amount of glamour and drama counterbalanced with “œgrown-up”, bejewelled colours. Rouge Bunny Rouge Quartz Eyeliner DEVOTION INK Quartz Eyeliner comes in a soft, water-based formula for the most delicate application. The incredibly lustrous, “œspecial-effect” spark that is added to all shades (except the silver sparkle in “˜Anthracite Essence’) is obtained by Borosilicates in the formula – smallest particles of artificial quartz. DEVOTION INK Quartz Eyeliner is highly pigmented for high and even coverage, has excellent skin adherence and compatibility, dries quickly and sets to last all day long. Its sturdy brush is perfect for the DEVOTION INK Quartz Eyeliner sparkling texture and allows for fine and bold lines. Achieve spectacular effects by layering DEVOTION INK Quartz Eyeliner alone or play with the colour change it will cause applied over your eye shadows or eye pencils. Rouge Bunny Rouge Quartz Eyeliner ‘Tanzanite Essence’ is a navy blue with dusky blue shimmer. Shades available: Opalescence Essence: Think of all the light and fire of opal captured in this utterly sublime holographic eyeliner, and you have imagined the colour of this incredible product Tiger Eye Essence: Dilute black ink base, lavished with 24 carat gold and polished copper, for an overall bursting with glitter, black-bronze holographic effect Anthracite Essence: Dense black base enlivened with a pure silver sparkle Tanzanite Essence: Toned down medium blue, ablaze with opalescent sparkle

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