Zelens Youth Glow Foundation ‘Tan’ 30ml

Lightweight Zelens Youth Glow Foundation is a reviving foundation which blurs the boundaries between skincare and makeup. Perfect for skin lacking luminosity, elasticity and vitality or stressed, dullness complexion, this oil-free formula provides long-lasting natural light-to-medium coverage. This next generation, reviving foundation grants a barely detectable coverage that optically blurs imperfections and unifies skin tone, without camouflaging your complexion. Enriched with a unique complex of powerful active ingredients, Zelens Youth Glow Foundation instantly adds luminosity and smoothes skin’s texture. Created by Dr Marko Lens, an internationally renowned authority in the field of skin ageing, Zelens Youth Glow Foundation helps to reduce signs of stress and fatigue while creating a perfectly smooth, even-toned complexion with glowing natural finish. Infused with antioxidants from green Shiso leaves, this foundation acts as a shield against environmental assaults. Thanks to photo-luminescent diamond spheres, this foundation minimises the appearance of wrinkles and imperfections to create a flawless complexion. This unique breathable formula works in perfect balance and synergy to mimic the skin’s natural phospholipid barrier. This revving treatment foundation leaves the skin looking perfectly smooth, even and glowing whilst signs of fatigue, stress and ageing are diminished. Zelens Youth Glow Foundation ‘Tan’ is ideal for olive toned and tanned skin. Available in a range of five versatile shades, Zelens Active Colour Youth Glow Foundation will satisfy most skin tones.   Other shades Available: Zelens Youth Glow Foundation ‘Cameo’ is perfect for fair skin with cool undertones – think English Rose. Zelens Youth Glow Foundation ‘Porcelain’ is ideal for light skin with cool undertones. Zelens Youth Glow Foundation ‘Cream’ is great for light to medium skin with warm undertones. Zelens Youth Glow Foundation ‘Beige’ is perfect for medium ski

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